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Having trouble with your WiFi? We see more issues recently with WiFi networks than just about any other issue. Remember, you do want to protect your network so others cannot download illegal content or send hate mail from your address. Let us know if you have questions or would like some help with any of your networking challenges. We offer convenient solutions.

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Quick WiFi Facts
  • Most home networks consist of two parts.  The modem(1) that receives the Internet signal from phone line or cable and the router(2) that spreads that signal out to all computers, phones, tablets, printers, etc. at the residence or business. The modem and the router can be combined into one unit depending on the Internet provider.
  • Your WiFi network should have two passwords for security.  One is at the individual user level (network password) and the other is the password on the router itself that contols the first password.  These two should be different.
  • One of the most asked questions is for people wanting to extend the range of their both their regular and WiFi networks.  Check out the  HomePlug Powerline modules. Quick and easy. 
  • WiFi seem slow? Many times it is multiple over-lapping routers (neighbors) on the same channel and just changing to a different channel on the router will do wonders. Ask us for a WiFi site survey 


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