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what we do

Old style motherboardWe do computer and network service and repair for home and office.

We have resisted publishing a table of prices and rates for all the many different kinds of repairs that could be done to a computer. Many people don't know what is wrong with their computer and just want it fixed. In turn, we hope we can help you with many different things while we are there and don't want to have to bill you a laundry list of charges. We don't charge for travel time and most service calls are completed in the first hour. We offer very competitive rates for all our services and will be happy to diagnose and quote you repairs. If we determine your computer is best serviced in our shop, we will pick it up and return it for a small travel fee**.

  • Windows Update problems
  • Wireless networking and security
  • Small business services
  • Virus & Spyware Removal
  • Anti-Virus Installation
  • Hard drive replace and cloning (moving to larger drive)
  • Lost passwords
  • System cleanup/tuneup
  • Picture and document salvage from failed drives
  • Complete system wipe & reinstall
  • BSD (Blue Screen of Death)
  • Performance upgrades
  • Hardware installs
  • Laptop repairs (screens, drives, keyboards, charging jacks, etc.)
  • Printer problems
  • and more...

There are some jobs that are better done in our shop. Thorough virus scanning, hard drive defragmentation, hard drive cloning and hardware repairs to name a few. These processes can take many hours, but in our shop, you just pay for the time your computer is being worked on, not data transfer or the waiting game of deep virus scans or new OS installs and updates.

Most hardware replacement is done at the cost of the hardware plus one hour ($30) bench time.

can i help?

We come to you and we want you to know who to expect. My name is Grant. I would like to be your personal tech support. Stop by our about page for more details.

remote support

Remote support (we connect remotely through the Internet to your computer) is available from Computer Cottage. Please notify us via text or phone to be sure we are available to help. Remote desktop allows us to see and help you with your computer. It is very good for some things, but not for others as it must have a running computer and Internet to function. Click on the link below for our remote support web page.


** Plus any pre-approved bench fees


Email Computer Cottage here

Phone number for Computer Cottage
Phone: 608-616-9943


We try to make it as economical and straight forward as possible.

  • $60/hour on-site, $30/half-hour after initial hour
  • $30/hour shop rate
  • $50/hour remote session charge, $25/half-hour minimum
  • $30 diagnostic fee if repairs are not accepted
Check, cash or

Did you know?

  • Many overly crowded hard drives can be cleaned up avoiding the need to buy a larger new drive.
  • All computers that are repaired in our shop receive a complimentary anti-virus software checkup, malware scan, Windows updates, restore point and disk defrag (if needed). This helps to ensure your system will run fast and secure.
  • SSDs (Solid State Drives) are hard drives with no moving parts. They use memory modules instead of rotating disks. Very fast and durable but more expensive especially for large storage.
  • WiFi seem slow? Many times it is multiple over-lapping routers on the same channel and just changing to a different channel on the router will do wonders. Ask us for a WiFi site survey (free during any service call).
  • Please recycle your computer equipment responsibly. We accept at no charge most computer items and ensure they are properly recycled.